Litter born 27.o7.2oo4

Seven males in blackmasked red brindle, self masked creme, blackmasked gold and blackmasked red color.
Two female in selfmasked creme and oyster domino brindle.

Karakush And U Know It
Celestian Just Illusion

Celestian Love U Madly

5 months

Owner: Celestian Kennel

Celestian Love U Deeply

5 months

Owner: Celestian Kennel

Celestian Love Supreme

4,5 months

Owner: Paivi Lylykangas, Finland

Celestian Love Is All Around

7 weeks

Owner: Vivi Solberg, Denmark

Celestian Love Prisoner

7 weeks

Owner: Meinhard Blask, Germany

Celestian Lovemaniac

7 weeks

Owner: Thomas Kokosis, Croatia

Celestian Love On The Rocks

10 weeks old

Owner: Robert Vrhovec, Croatia

Celestian Love Is In The Air

15 weeks old

Owner: Bakos Csilla, Hungary

Celestian Love Conquers All

10 weeks old

Owner: Sonja Poropat, Croatia

- male

- female